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Thursday, 27 November 2008


Myyy... I'm just so thrilled with the visitor we had the other night ... isn't he lovely ... we have often heard him but have not sighted him or one of his kind, in ever so long ... maybe because of the drought but with all the rains I guess he was becoming rather waterlogged ... he was only too pleased to pose for me while I took these photos.
We didn't have green frogs, when we came to live here but our eldest daughter did where she lived - she had so many they were a very big nuisance &... well lets just say she was only too pleased to give me whatever we could catch.
It was like comedy show... we found a box with a good lid then lined it with old newspapers & garbags as we had been told if they sit in their urine it will burn their skin. Then we set about collecting them - well they only come out at night but we got a few ... into the box with a spray of water to keep them happy. We are sitting out on her verhanda having tea/evening meal & she quickly gets up & goes into the laundry then comes out with a silly smirk on her face. You see we hadn't told the men what we were doing nor had we told the kids - just would of got all outta hand if so many knew... Well apparently while we were eating tea she could see the frogs making their escape out of a very small air-hole in the old fruit box so she had gone into the laundry & the only thing she could find to plug the hole was an old Anyway kids off to bed, men watching TV so back to it again & we found about 12 frogs - stuffed the holes & went to bed. By morning we had lost one or two but there again we might of counted wrong so we prepared them for the five an a half hour drive to our home. It was dreadfully hot weather so we had their box on a couple of ice packs & had sprayed them well. They really did travel well & that evening we opened the box & let the jump out just as a sprinkle of rain came. That was about 5 years ago now & we only see the odd one here & there but not for ages this last time so he really was a welcome visitor. Why don't we have green frogs here in our suburb ... well that's because the [introduced]toads kills them, sadly. If you look at the photos at the bottom of my blog that show my Gyrlie Shed you will see them in our water feature.
Thankful... for the beauty of nature's little creatures