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Saturday 1 November 2008


Gosh I think I've transformed this blog into a gardening blog ... ha ha...not really. DH loves nasturtiums so he has them all over the place in the back garden behind my Gyrlie Shed ... well a couple of plants have come up near the carport in the gravel & they were growing well then we had a couple of mls of rain and they went mad & here some of them are growing up through the fence, actually up inside the pipe & here is how they look when they find the sunshine ... When walking I found this fence all covered in bougainvillea & kept well trimmed - sure puts on a good show & added privacy for the occupants.

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Artseyanne said...

Oh I doooo love bougainvillea Bethel. We use to have them along our back fence but DH hated the thorns so that was the end of that!! I now have two in pots at the front door and he doesn't dare touch them!!

I lived in Airlie Beach for a few years as a teenager and I loved the tropical flowers, it is about the only thing I miss from there, I hated the heat.

Anne S