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Wednesday 26 November 2008


We have had some beautiful rain of late ... some folks have been a bit less fortunate & the rain/storms were very destructive & my heart goes out to them. I'm trusting that they are getting the help they need & will be back in their homes very shortly & have them repaired quickly.
I love coming getting up & finding my buckets full- this is just outside of my Gyrlie Shed where we don't have gutters on the awnings. This water means I can water my pot-plants when they dry out, we only have a very small tank on the side of the shed. Here it is still raining & the buckets are very full. Last week we got over 15inches[370-400mls] of rain which is a miracle - we are lucky if we were to get that much in a year & that with a great emphasis on 'lucky'.
Thankful... for good soaking rains - rains that are filling dams

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