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Monday, 12 October 2009


Life has been somewhat more peaceful here lately & I'm feeling more revitalised... I think it might stems from the fact, I feel, Mum is settling in a bit more now at the Shalom.
While I was in Japan I could not find a suitable little gift for Mum so when my sister bought this fold-up mirror to use I asked if I could have it when she had finished with it.

She was pleased to know it going to be transformed as I thought I could decorate it with things we had bought in/or were relevant to Japan. The papers we got off different articles we bought or were gifted, while there & dragonflies were made with paper off the chocolates I had bought my hubby & a dragonfly punch. I did have to stick the gold chocolate paper onto cardstock to give it more body... Mum liked it & I see she is using it as it is always within hands reach in her room.
When our eldest Grandie was here we did some trimming of the the Golden Palms... he was thrilled to find this little wee green frog on one of the branches... it is all of about an 1" long... so he was very quick to grab my camera to take this photo... he is like his Mum she takes lovely photos too...
I have been keeping my hands busy of an evening & here is another Crocheted Rock... I'm working on another at present as a proto-type, as my girlfriend has given me her very special rock from Fingal - it's one of those big enough to hold the door open [doorstop] - & she wants me to crochet around it & I have something special in mind.
Do not worry about the results of all the efforts you have made.
Be grateful & happy with yourself for having done the best you can.

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