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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

I have received a 'I Love Your Blog' award from Robyne at Creativ Spirit.
Thank you Rob so much for nominating me the other week. I'm thrilled that you enjoy looking at my blog.
Here are the guidelines...
1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Link to the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate seven blogs you love to read
4. Link to those blogs
5. Let those bloggers know with a comment that they've been nominated.
The folks I've nominated - please don't feel obliged to do the same. These memes are meant to be fun to do, but sometimes they can feel a bit like a chain letter.
I can talk for hours about the blogs I love to read and why, but the people I've nominated shouldn't feel pressured to do the same.
I would like to nominate the following blogs to receive this award.
Paula at Paula's Palace of Altered Art
Linda at Q
Jane at Oz Attack
Kellie at Don't Look Now
Debbi at My Abundant Life
Susan at Blissful Artist
Vanessa at We've only just begun...
Hope that you enjoy all of these blogs, each one is slightly different in flavour but I like to pop in & check them out from time to time.


Paula Clare said...

Thank you dear Bethel! I'd like to thank the academy...

I'll put the happy little bloggy award in my sidebar! Bless you!

artisbliss said...

Thanks, Bethel, for the award and for your nice comment on my blog. I'll put the award in my sidebar. I appreciate the honor.

Linda Robertus said...

Hi Bethel, thanks again for the award! I have posted it on my blog and nominated 7 blogs in turn.
Best wishes,
PS Am holding on to your postcard until it has stopped raining!