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Tuesday, 23 September 2008


What a lovely day we had on Sunday... a friend I made while working/playing in New Zealand last year was over here on holidays with her DH & they came to visit with us on Sunday. Michelle I do hope you aren't having to work too hard now that you are back at work but it was so lovely to see you again.
My DH took a couple of photos of us but sadly neither are what you would call brilliant but it a lovely record of our day... My DH[Dear Heart] has given you smoking a vise that he soo enjoyed - he is doing really well & we are very proud of his efforts, sadly when he gave up, his smoking abilities weren't replaced with good photography skills - if that had of happened then at least one of us could take brilliant photos - looks like we will need to see how Michelle's DH went with his photography skills. Sooo... if you happen to look here & see a wonderful photo of us you will know it's been replaced ... ha ha
Thanks guys for taking time out of your holidays to drop on by - hope you had more success find your way back to the highway than you did getting here ... lol.

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Chris Daly said...

Good luck to your husband. I quit in 2002 and still have nighmares that I was smoking. I wake up so mad at myself. I sure have to laugh.