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Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Yep I'm here ... not really been Absent WithOut Leave - well maybe mentally but that's a whole different thing.
Well the weather is really cool here at present ... Ekka[show]time so the winds [Westerlies] will be up by the end of the week I guess & that will make it even colder. Last year there was sooo much sickness around that the authorities were advising folks to stay home but I believe it has been a great Ekka this year with lots of people going & the weather is perfect for a good day out as the sun is warm but not burning like summer. Tomorrow is Ekka Day or Show Day & is a public holiday so it will be packed. Am I going? 'No' it's only about a 5 year thing for me & 5 years aren't up yet ... ha ha
Well it seems like months ago that I went for my long w/e with Luc ... we had a great time & I got a few things done & we looked at DvD's I've been collecting. I've been involved with a Skinny Book swap & seem to be taking wayyyy tooo long to get my pages done but I'm nearing the end now.
I've been using this project to learn how to do free motion sewing ... steep learning curve ... I did start this project just before I went to Luc's & worked on it there as well. Here is a teaser as I can't show them all until at least half of the folks have received them...the theme is Angelic. At least you know I have been doing something...
Ohhh did I tell you we went to see Mamma Mia... was so good we actually have been twice now such a great 'feel good' show so if you get a chance to see it do ... I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I think Meryl & the gang did a great job of singing although they are far from singers but it gave you that feeling that it's quite OK to go around singing so long as it makes 'you' feel good. It amazed me how clever the writers were to be able to weave a story around the songs that had/have been hits just sooo long ago ... real talent I believe.
Here are the some of the DvD's we watched & got some great inspiration from ...Now we will have to schedule time in to have a go at some of the wonderful projects. Seems you can use anything to make art these days making it a challenge to find 'stuff'. I often wonder if we enjoy the making of the art more or the hunting for 'stuff'?
In the last few weeks I received a great parcel from Barbara in Germany[Thank You Barbara] & this is part of a little something I'm sending her ... I know another teaser ... All for now, Take care & Keep Smilin'... B


Anonymous said...

I will be back to have a proper look..I'm already wishing I had a guniea pig to make a jacket for :-)

I have freestyle sewing to get back to too..but waiting for the right drop leaf table to go in window..
Best wishes

WendyK said...

Great Blog, love your humour. I too have just released my sewing machine from the cupboard, and MUST get back to textiles again. Must come back to Australia as well, we love it.

CreativSpirit said...

Hi Bethel,

So good to see a post from you, I have missed you. You are such a teaser with the little "previews", I'mso glad that I will get to keep two of your Angel pages, can't wait to see the "Whole" of them.


Cat said...

Free motion sewing - I've always wanted to learn to do that! I will anxiously await the revealing of your entire project! You always come up with something great!

Have a good day. L/C