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Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas

Well 'tis nearly time for Santa to arrive ... I've put the oats out with heaps of glitter so Rudolph can find the way - a little hazy here in south/east Queensland ..... Merry Christmas to my Dear Friends and Thank you for stopping by and a bigger Thanks for leaving a message - I do so love it when folks comment.
I got 6 doz. + Chrissie cards made and sent ... some things aren't finished but never mind they can be finished after Chrissie ... I've put up some decorations - heaps on the verandah where we will have a roast lunch for Chrissie, decorations in the garden plus I've cooked the pork, I've wined the cake [for trifle], done some sampling of the wine, made the jellies, wrapped the pressies and have my Mum here with us tonight ... so I think I'm as ready as I can be so I'm off to bed to dream sweet dreams - like being Thankful/Grateful for all my Family, my Special Friends, my Friends I'm yet to get to know well, Thankful for a good life, a free life and also Thankful to those that are working all over Christmas helping fellow Australians enjoy another Christmas ... like our Doctors, nurses, firepeople, policepeople, life savers, soldiers and all the others that are on call - Thank you.
Our Eldest daughter & family will be getting up in a few hours to drive here to spend Chrissie with us plus have a few days - so that is going to be so much fun. Boxing Day we have a surprise coming and I'm so excited ... shhhhhh
So have yourself a Merry Christmas don't drink & drive and keep safe ... and ENJOY... ohhhh quick I can hear a jingl-a-ling ...


Mary-Beth said...

Merry Christmas Bethel!!! It sounds like you're having a fantastic day.


CreativSpirit said...

Hi Bethel,

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope that you've had a great day. We have a full, busy and happy day, and now I am finally, at 10.55pm. getting to check out my mail.

Thanks for your friendship and support in the past year, I feel very honoured to be your friend.